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Merry Christmas Images - Christmas Is The Most Popular Festival And Celebrated In Many Parts Of The World On 25th December Since AD 354. Christmas Is Celebrated To Remember The Birth Of Jesus Christ. The Name Of Christmas Comes From The Mass Of Chris. Christians Believe That Jesus Is The Son Of God. Today, Christmas Is A Time For Family And Friends To Get Together And Exchange Gifts. Merry Christmas Images Christmas Is For Love, For Coming Together With Friends And Family, For Giving And Sharing, For Joy, For Laughter, For Tinsel And Brightly Decorated Packages.

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The Story Of The Christmas Tells The Birth Of Jesus In A Stable In Bethlehem. The Angels Announcing The Birth To The Shepherds In The Fields And The Magi Visiting The Stable And Offering Gifts To The Newborn Child. This Thing Become Very Common To All With The Celebration Of The Christmas That When The Santa Riding On A Reindeer Sledge With The Lots Of Gifts And Candies. The Familiar Coniferous Green Trees Decorated With Stars And Tinsels And The Houses Decorated With Mistletoes And Holly Twigs.

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The Christians Had By Then Appropriated Many Traditions And Festivals Of The Season. That Were Practiced In Lots Of Parts Of The Middle Europe And East. The Christ Mass Service Was Allowed To Take Place After The Sunset And Before The Sunrise Of The Next Day So Most Of People Had It At Midnight. So We Get The Name Christ-Mass To Christmas. Early Christian Tradition Said The Day When Mary Was Told That She Would Have A Special Baby Jesus As On 25th March And It Is Still Celebrated Today On The 25th March. After Nine Months The 25th March Is The 25th December! 25th March Was Also The Day Some Early Christians Thought The World Had Been Made And The Jesus Died On When He Was An Adult.

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